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Born under the blazing sun of Uruguay and raised in eclectic suburbs surrounding Toronto. I am a long time traveler and maker. Schooled in fine arts, shaped by my wanderlust. I’ve been a hardcore believer in dreaming and fumbling my way through life. Artists, writers, rebels, inventors, circus folk, nomads, explorers and general mischief makers are my people. I thrive as long as my idea factory is up and running. A travel junky, I am in my bliss when I've got all my earthly possessions on my back and coins in my boots. 
My work life has been everything from shovelling shit, make-up artistry, painting murals, gardening, cherry-picking, coffee-slinging and of course that well oiled role as starving artist.  I work for the library and a Makerspace project in the place I call home, The Haliburton Highlands. The energy present in all living things fascinates me. I dig cultural rituals and storytelling. I love lines, drawn, painted, carved and cut. My love affair with them began long ago and continues with a lifelong practice of keeping journals.
Mama to two glorious mischief makers named Fia and Luna and married to a fellow dreamer and timber frame master named Erik. Other passions include face painting, fire, hula hooping, spastically spinning upside down and celebrating all things weird in the woods.
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